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Extra Purified Sulfur for Vitiligo

Sulfur is a main component of the human body – the eighth most common element among the 14 atomic elements that make up 99.95% of the human body. Sulfur is, in fact, Extra Purified Sulphuressential for health and well-being and a requirement for virtually all physiologic and anatomic processes.

For over 70 years, sulfur has been extensively employed by western dermatologists to treat multiple skin conditions ranging from acne, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis to warts, scabies, and skin infections caused by fungi and bacteria. Sulfur is widely used in dermatologic products today and it maintains an incomparable therapeutic profile.

Ultrapure, ultrafine sulfur has been recognized as a skin health and beauty essential in World for over 500 years. The Donguibogam (a medicinal and philosophical reference text from the 1600s) explains the advantages thusly: “Sulfur is known to be very good for separating waste materials inside of the skin and old corneous tissues from the skin.” These unique exfoliative properties are a key reason this Vitiligo~Organics® is so beneficial: the exfoliation induced by properly formulated, sulfur-containing products is generally safer and gentler than cosmeceutical AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and glycolic acid products. As a result, this form of exfoliation is increasingly preferred among East Asians and, more recently, among enlightened skin care aficionados in the West.

In addition to its exfoliative properties, sulfur is required for collagen synthesis. It penetrates deeply and, by promoting positive collagen balance, helps to restore and maintain dermal integrity. Sulfur also has skin brightening benefits based on both its exfoliative properties as well as its effects on melanin synthesis. It is particularly useful for lightening sunspots and freckles, especially when used in combination with other skin lightening compounds. Sulfur further helps optimize beauty by relieving and preventing unsightly flares of acne, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis.

While sulfur is essential for skin health, mastery of its use (whether for cosmeceutical or medical purposes) is very challenging. Proper source selection, purification, and formulation are essential to produce products that are safe, functional, and refined. The challenges inherent in meeting these stringent requirements are part of why high-end sulfur containing products remain rare and precious.

Amarte Skin Care utilizes sulfur derived from the finest natural sources. This Active Element is purified at Seowon University via a nine step process that results in ultrapure, ultrafine sulfur, as verified by Korea’s world famous KAIST Institute. Amarte’s elemental sulfur is uniform and behaves exceptionally well within formulations. In Amarte skin care products, this Activ Element works silently and delicately to help provide a pleasant product experience with great results.