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Little About Natural Herbs

Natural Hersbs is a South Asian company which is working with its many branches all over the world such as in Delhi-India, Dubai-UAE, London-UK, and Singapore. Natural Herbs was established with a view to prove itself as one of the India’s leading names in the field of Medicinal Plants and treatments with our promise of quality products that stay ahead of time. We started with virtually zero capital, today we boast a turnover of US$ 10,00,000 which indicate our impressive growth chart. This has resulted through our business with several corporate and good clients overseas with almost 95% buyer retention and 90% repeat orders. Media acknowledged our quick evolution and Natural Herbs was covered by Agriculture & Industry survey magazine by Vadamali Media in their November edition, 2006.

Natural herbs is an integrated conglomerate of farmers engaged in cultivation, doctorates in pharmacy and pupil with decades of experience in medicinal herbs plants and growing at the rate of 700% per year. Natural Herbs work on the solid foundation of the very latest technology and the best equipment, supported by a team of highly qualified and well-trained personnel.

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Famous people Suffering From Vitiligo, Vitiligo Pictures

Many celebrities have dealt with vitiligo while remaining in the public eye, maintaining a positive outlook, and having a successful career.
A list of famous vitiligans features elected officials, businessmen, athletes, actors, radio and TV hosts in almost every country.

Here are a few famous and courageous people who show that vitiligo doesn’t have to get in the way of your hopes and dreams: